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Hector Castells performed at Black Maria a major commisson by Richard Wentworth

For twelve years ARTISJUSTAWORD has been passionate in its support of the arts.

         Our Vision is that eveyone is creative

Our aims are focused around securing a creative future where everyone can have a stake withn the arts. Our mission is to provide a platform for the commuinty to engage in the arts.

Whilst supporting emerging and established artists is key, we aim to include our commuinty by facilitaing series of bespoke projects. For example these projects include talks, debates, master classes, exhibitions, film screenings and performances.


Aims and Objectives

To faclitate professional exhibitions for emerging artists.

To empower the commuinty on a hands on approach to explore the arts in a sustained accessible way.

To help established artists and promote their work though public exposure and in the artistic world.



ARTISJUSTAWORD was created in 2001 by two 16 year olds, with a core belief in making the arts inclusive.

ARTISJUSTAWORD predominantly focused in the Oxfordshire area. More recently projects further afield in London have offered the charity opportunity to work on projects with national visibility. Longer term out hope is to strengthen these links to create recurring national projects.


Founder Directors:

Matthew Moser-Clark & George O'Shaughnessy

Board of Directors:

Neil McCreddie (Chair), Verity O'Hara (Vice Chair), Jennifer Brown (Secretary), Luke Maier (Treasurer), Dan Norey (Inclusion) & Dan Harris (cooperative & innovation) 


Image above: Artist Hector Castells performing at Black Maria which was a major commisson by artist Richard Wentworth working in collaboration with GRUPPE an emerging Swiss architectural practice.